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The life of a single, wealthy individual is a lonely one, because it’s well known that money can’t buy you happiness. However, online with the Millionaire Dating Group, money can certainly help you find a date. Whether you’re looking for someone who has worked equally as hard as you for everything they have or just someone to treat lavishly and spend all your hard earned pennies on, the Millionaires Dating Group is the perfect online dating community for you to be a part of in the UK.

Find love today by registering for free with the Millionaires Dating Group, but don’t panic – while anyone can sign up, some will fall at the first hurdle when they find it too expensive to carry on. You’ll find this dating site reassuringly expensive when it comes to a fee, which you only have to pay if you think you’ve found someone worth the cash. Register for free with the Millionaire Dating Group today

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Dating for arts lovers has really never been easier than with Arts Lover Dating. By signing up for free you’ll get unlimited searching access to hundreds of artistic singles from across the UK with a flair for the edgy and interesting. Don’t settle for being single any longer – sign up with Arts Lover Dating today and see who might be waiting to talk to you!

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Going to the theatre alone is no fun – who do you share your ice cream with in the interval? By signing up to Theatre Lover Dating, you can find your perfect theatre partner online for friendship, dating and love in the UK today. What are you waiting for? By signing up with Theatre Lover Dating, you’re sure to find your perfect partner, or at least get your foot back into the dating game...

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The joy one gets from reading a good book is trumped only by the love of a good partner. You can find them online today with Reading Lover Dating, whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for, as long as you’re single and from the UK. Share passions about your favourite authors, books and adaptations with Reading Lover Dating today!

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Whatever you’re travelling style, whether you’re a culture vulture, a back packer or a booze cruiser – by signing up for free with Travel Lover Dating, you’ll find hundreds of travelling singles hailing from the UK looking for companions and dates to take around the world. Sign up for free today with Travel Lover Dating and see where your love life could take you...

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